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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 12, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news. >>and there they will come to hears it is official the san francisco 49 ers will be playing the green bay packers next week in the nfc championship game. good luck to them and good evening to you thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10 i'm justine waldman and i'm j r stone we learned late this afternoon that the green bay packers will be coming. >>to town now if the niners win next week they will go to the super bowl do it. yeah kron 4 sports for jason dumas says following this story and
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joins us live tonight is pretty much what all the san francisco, 49 ers fans was the end the game was yesterday against the vikings, but it felt like last week in just the 24 hours of waiting to see who they will play next and. >>i think the niners got who they want it. we officially have a matchup. >>it will be the second time this season that we see it but this time it is for a chance to represent the nfc in the super bowl, the green bay packers will be coming to santa clara to take on the niners next week in the nfc championship game green bay beat seattle this evening, 28 to 23 to mark their spot in the championship game, the packers and got out to a 21 to 3 lead. >>also a 28 to 10 lead that you know russell wilson and the seattle seahawks they were not going to go down without a fight they cut into that deficit but aaron rodgers he's a bad man he was able to run out the clock with 2 key third-down conversions late in the game to feel that victory.
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now is green bay at san francisco, a matchup we saw in week 11 the 9 ers won that one 37 to 8. the san francisco defense had 5 sacks that night is forced a rogers from will keep him packers territory. i do expect for this game to be much closer and kickoff where the matchup is set for 3 40 at levi's of course will have wall-to-wall coverage leading up to sunday night here on kron 4 our digital app. >>and on and of course our web site guy that is going to be a fun week of coverage and there's one more women they're going to south beach. >>cheap tickets are going for $360 the cheap one stand up for almost 400 and thanks so much to know that i think is jason actually. >>they took everything that we had and so difficult i try and like see past that it was a stressful thing to watch was upset at this. >>a san francisco high school robotics team targeted by
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thieves. they're now more than $10,000 in equipment and to make matters worse there just weeks away from a very big competition. the team has been getting some help but they could use some more kron four's dan thorn joins us now live in san francisco with their story doubt. >>well justin as robotics team has not had once but twice by thieves the latest theft happening on saturday and now the team is scrambling to get things up and running before time runs out. >>almost everything for like a robotics team at root the sahwa school for the arts has become the victim of burglars the group finding their shed broken into with all of their valuable equipment and hard work virtually god, i personally didn't think they were going to take everything but they left. >>nothing that was invaluable junior student healy damien says the thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of tools and computers, the
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things they need to learn and compete and so difficult i try and like c pass that try and see how are we going to do things about these tools anymore, but deila in the soda cyber dragons team 5700 built the shed on school grounds to house their equipment. but a pair of thieves struck on christmas eve breaking the padlocks to get inside even after adding more locks, the thieves returned saturday night and got in by breaking through the wall it's sox it just sucks to have this money taken from us in these you know time wasted time which the team needs for a competition just weeks away to make up for it they're using a friend's house and trying their best to get back what's been lost just stressful students tell us the police found blood at the scene which may help identify the people who broke in parents say they expect the kids to bounce back in for this unfortunate situation to actually bring them closer together this students after continue to prove themselves worthy of of
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of a place to work to be able >>operate at their at their highest level to be able to go as far as they possibly can with this we're working through it. well this robotics team is actually exceeded their goal and their go fund me page they are now up to more than $13,000. >>and they're hoping that the school can continue to support them and hopefully provide a another space for them to continue their work reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much than not to an ugly crime that took place in the north bay vandal sprayed graffiti all over a wall in santa rosa that was just for placed after the tubbs fire burned it down. >>the group coffee strong worked around the clock to raise funds and rebuild the hopper wall on saturday night the group says someone spray painted all over it. the group tells us here at kron 4 news. it is a shame someone feels entitled to deface public property. cleanup to remove the paint will happen later on this week. >>tonight we are learning that
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federal officials may soon bill wildfire victims of pg need doesn't make good on a $4 million debt. pacific gas and electric owes the government that money as part of the utility's bankruptcy case. fema has asked for reimbursement from pg need to cover costs from the government's response to recent fires. now if the utility doesn't pay up individual victims would be responsible if they receive settlement funds that duplicate money already paid but the federal government. >>a fire started at a homeless encampment in santa rosa overnight and there's an ongoing debate and how to handle the hundreds of people living along the joe ridout a trail there. the files started near stony point road just after midnight, no word right now on exactly how it started but fire crews did get it out. this is also the same area that is infested with rats. the 8 and a half mile trail links downtown santa rosa to sebastopol. tragedy on it. >>a train in san francisco this morning after a person
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died on the tracks. the train was stopped at bayshore and sunny deol when a person waiting on the platform climbed over the trains safety straps and side on the couple are between the trains. the man fell off and was struck by the second car of the train and killed newly released a statement this morning saying this is the first incident of this nature and approximately 2 years uni sends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the man struck this morning and quote unit and san francisco police are investigating in the east bay, one man is dead after an early morning shooting in what neighbors are saying is a normally peaceful area out this happened in hayward. >>sage avenue near has strive. that's where kron four's gayle ong is there right now with the very latest. >>hayworth police have this area blocked off for 12 hours what happened is not entirely clear. it's the city's first homicide of 2020. >>i didn't even know anything until i came out of the house at about 1230. so the police
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caught the shooting took place in this residential neighborhood considered generally safe from a neighbor who is very >>i lived here for over 50 years and non nothing ever this the first time i see something like this happen very safe. he and mary quite. i'm always a little worried when we hear anything neighbors watched as investigators combed the scene for evidence the intersection of osage avenue and has driver blocked off for several hours. my mom called me this morning. >>and said that she was contact around 05:00am. >>and asking should any noises but she was sound asleep. i was coming down to take down a christmas lights and so she said it's nice that i can get to your house officers responded to the shooting just before 5 30 sunday morning when they arrived they found the man with gunshot wounds paramedics tried to help but the man died at the scene. >>it's unclear if the shooting happened inside or outside the
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home from the street you can see officers coming in and out of the house blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. the alameda county coroner's office will release the victim's name once his family is notified. >>reporting in hayward get along. >>and now for a quick check out your sunday night 4 zone forecast live look outside in the east bay over berkeley and tracking that increase in storm cloud cover overall dry conditions right now, but we could see some light scattered showers in the north bay and san francisco peninsula shortly before midnight temperatures out there right now warmer than last night in the upper 40's and low 50's for most of the bay area and overnight lows tonight tracking a lot more 40's as opposed to last night's 30's but still going to be fairly chilly for those of you in the north bay santa rosa and napa and livermore in the mid to upper 30's for your overnight lows in wake-up planner is going to show a mostly dry day to start your work week monday, but i am tracking some light scattered showers for tonight shortly before
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midnight and during the overnight hours but clearing out for your monday morning commute and then we're going to notice the second storm arriving monday night first in the north bay and then making its way into the bay area by our monday night and even through our tuesday morning and a 3rd stronger storm that could bring us about an inch of rain or less tracking all the storms hour by hour my full forecast in just a few minutes justine and jr back to thank you so much. now in the next few days a group of homeless mothers living in a vacant west oakland home could be forcibly removed from the house after a judge ordered them to move. >>and that was learned that tomorrow morning a group of their supporters were donors join those mothers outside the property demanding that they get housing not handcuffs kron four's alice like ammonium is live in the newsroom tonight with the latest from both sides l a. >>that group's taken shelter in this west oakland home and they called the latest offer by the property's management company in in salt. back in november. they moved in without permission using this
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space as both a shelter and protest against the high cost of living after they were priced out of their home town. a judge ruled friday that the group has no valid claim to be they have 5 days to vacate the management company was happy about that, but the mom said that they're not going anywhere. so to encourage them to leave the company provided an alternative the free place to stay with the help of charities to house and elsewhere for up to 2 months while they get back on their feet after their human denial. wedgwood spokesperson tonight is encouraging them to leave on their own accord and peacefully saying quote we again encourage the women to accept this offer before eviction as we have said all along we respect what they're saying, but we cannot condone the theft of the company's home. we hope that they see that and we continue to reach out to them and ask them to depart our home voluntarily and peacefully that is in the best interest of all parties in the meantime supporters of the group are ready to defend them in front of that magnolia street home all week long to stop the moms from being
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evicted back to you. >>thank you so much ella still ahead on kron 4 news at 10 a powerful and deadly storm system sweeping through parts of the country coming up at 1030. a closer look at the ge and how much more severe weather we expect to see. >>a new video of the wreckage from a missile strike launched by iran this week as the debate over the killing of a-rod's top comman trump: those pre-existing
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conditions are protected.
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vo: a broken promise. trump repeatedly tried to undermine coverage for 134 million americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't care if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>there is new video tonight
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showing a close-up look at the air base in iraq after was hit by iranian missile strikes that was considered retaliation. after the us killed iran's top commander move many are still questioning tonight. president trump insists that killing general qassem soleimani prevented planned attacks targeting american embassies today defense secretary mark esper says that he believes that soleimani had 4 embassies in the middle east on his hit list before he was taken out by us forces. >>was an attempt to target the us embassy in baghdad, what the president said with regard to the 4 embassies is what i believe is well he said he believed that they probably that they could have been targeting the embassies in the region. i believe that as well as did other on national security team members. frankly i think what they're doing is they are overstating exaggerating what the intelligence and when you're talking about justifying action might bring us into warfare with iran. >>that's a dangerous thing to
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do. >>president trump went to twitter to warn iran today calling the country to turn on the. >>to turn the internet back on allowing journalists to roam free and not to kill their protesters saying the world and more importantly. the us is watching. canadian prime minister justin trudeau was among those who gathered for a memorial today for last week's plane disaster, ukrainian international airlines flight 7.52 crash wednesday after takeoff from 2 rounds airport. iran later admitted. it mistakenly shot down all 176 people on board died including 57 canadians. to do said that canada stands united in grief that he would pursue justice and accountability for what happened. >>meanwhile, the future of us troops who are fighting isis in iraq is now uncertain. the iraqi parliament voted to expel us troops us killed iran's top commander. even after president trump
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said that the immediate threat of armed escalation may be over. secretary of state mike pompeo has not confirmed whether the us would withdraw troops from iraq. some democrats argue the attack that killed soleimani may have given iran exactly what it wanted. >>we've been there to perform a training mission to help the iraqi security forces be successful and to continue the campaign against isis we are happy to continue the conversation with the iraqis about what the right structure us 2 weeks ago it was iraqis in the streets that were protesting against iran trying to get their influence out of iraq. and now those same protesters are turning against us including the iraqi government. >>president trump's requests. the state department has reportedly been working with nato. >>to develop a plan for the middle east more than a dozen saudi service men training at us military installations will be expelled from the us sources say it comes after a view following the deadly shooting last month at a naval air station in pensacola
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florida. >>a 21 year-old saudi air force second lieutenant killed 3 american sailors in that shooting. 2 sources say that the saudis being expelled are not excused accused of helping the gunman. but some are said to have connections to extremist movements. according to a person who is familiar with the situation. the justice department and the fbi have declined to comment. >>and taking a live look outside on the sunday evening along the embarcadero quiet night out there right now let's check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez there's some rain coming overnight tonight and also later on this week yet tracking 3 storms so let's get right to it because each storm is going to get a little bit more as far as rain totals go and also gusty wind speeds so each one will be a little bit stronger the storm tonight will be the lightest of the next 3 storm number 2 will arrive monday night through tuesday, and storm number 3 that's going to happen midweek wednesday night through thursday, not only my tracking an inch of rain or less for
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most of the bay area but also wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less in addition of that snow levels actually dropping fairly low for local mountains in the north bay and diablo range stormtracker 4 out there right now very dry calm conditions noticing that increase in that blanket of cloud cover but future cast is going to show light scattered showers arriving shortly before midnight for the north a light scattered rain for the bay area during the overnight hours but really noticing is a drying trend out there right now as this storm is weakening by monday though it is going to be a fairly dry day with the exception of those of you in the north bay could see some light bands of rain for your monday night so we are going to notice though this storm will be stronger than the one that's going to take place overnight could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less with the system drying out by tuesday morning all day tuesday going to be dry even for most of our wednesday. >>and then that pattern is going to repeat itself wednesday night light bands of rain first arriving for those of you in the north bay and along the bay area coastline
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light to moderate heavy downpours and also as you can see this area shaded in pink that snow that could form along the highest peaks in the north bay mountains and also the diablo range as well so this is going to be a colder storm widespread to heavy downpours and gusty wind speeds lasting all day thursday until we start to dry out and clear up by thursday night that drying trend is going to continue on friday as well with the first 2 storms really just traces amount of rain at best, but it's that 3rd storm that is going to bring a substantial rain pretty typical for this time of year for our mid winter here in the bay area but we are noticing the changes out there already thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover and temperatures right now noticeably, warmer compared to last night seeing a lot more 50's especially along the coast. but in the 40's as you make your way inland into the interior valleys of the bay area. overnight lows tonight will be fairly chilly for those of you in the north bay but not as cold as last night's with 36 degrees for santa rosa and in the upper
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30's for nap and livermore everyone else in the low to mid 40's and tomorrow's daytime highs, very dry seasonal weather in the mid to upper 50's and let's take a look ahead at our next 10 at 10 outlook tracking drier weather friday. but some light showers expected saturday before your martin luther king holiday weekend sunday and monday looking great so enjoy just cnn jeff back to you thank you so much so a happy ending tonight to a very upsetting story in vacaville. >>veterans laptop was stolen as he worked on it 2 days after christmas. well tonight he has a new computer this is anthony matthews he is that army veteran who was on his computer at the starbucks on monte vista avenue in vacaville when a thief grabbed it and ran matthews initially gave chase but then figured it wasn't worth it community heard what happened and raise 1200 bucks less than 2 weeks later, you can see that matthews now has a new computer just in time for his political science classes that start tomorrow. anthony wrote a nice. thank you know where
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he says no words exists that can accurately express my gratitude to everyone who helped remind me what an awesome community i have the fortune of being a part of us. >>kron 4 news at 10 how local leaders are working in the nation's capital to limit how much of your data companies can collect. >>plus some canadians got an emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident today. the alert was act
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 some people in canada got a nuclear power plant emergency alert on their cell phones today. >>by mistake the ontario power generator said in an alert about but there was a nuclear generating station in the city of pickering and they sent out by error. a message later clarified saying there was not an event and that there was no danger to the public or the environment. the city's mayor says he wants answers about why and how all this happened. >>this is a huge impact in our community as a whole the va obvious anxiety that is uncalled for. and i want to know how it happened and i wonder what's going to be done to ensure that doesn't happen again. >>the pickering new dealer generating station is about 28 miles east of toronto, it features 6 nuclear reactors and accounts for about 14% of ontario's electricity needs. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 10 a santa cruz county woman is facing charges. after
10:26 pm
allegedly throwing a cup of blood at state senators plus puerto rico was rocked by a series of powerful earthquakes, how the island is trying to pick up the pieces tonight. >>and tracking severe weather throughout the east coast, one area saw 30 degree drop and daytime highs today find out where my full forecast and we bet you know this place. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi?
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>>so that's why i'm saying it was very devastating storm very powerful storm. that these people are subjected to. the community is devastated. >>flood waters tornadoes and fallen trees have claimed the lives of 9 people across the country since friday, the power for storm moved across the us leaving a trail of destruction in the south and in the midwest. >>thousands of people are still without power tonight. natasha chen has more. >>across the country, especially throughout the south homes commercial buildings and lives have been ruined in a matter of minutes by severe storms and tornadoes responsible for at least 9 deaths, including 2 people who are being called heroes in lubbock texas, this is a tragic day for our family, this is a tragic day for both police and fire. >>and the men and women. >>of both of our departments lubbock police officers and firefighters were responding to a car accident on an icy interstate saturday morning while they were there 2 more
10:30 pm
car slid across the median one of them hitting the first responders lubbock officials say speed on icy roads had everything to do with the fatal accident and was very people would respect road conditions. things like this one at that. the national weather service in birmingham, alabama had a similar message. >>to please take these warnings seriously when they share the news of 3 people killed in pickens county alabama, another 3 people died near shreveport louisiana, one when a tree fell on his house and the other to an elderly couple who were found near their demolished home. into the midwest strong wind gusts, snow and ice caused the cancellation of 900 flights in and out of chicago's o'hare international airport. >>more than a quarter million customers across 9 states lost power and it's still not over. the storms are expected to reach the northeast early next week. >>time now to turn our attention to weather boy we saw that video there there on
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the tv and that's intense stuff that they're dealing with and other parts of the country yet 30 degree drop in temperatures today in new york and in addition to that parts of new england saw 8 inches of snow from that severe storms let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. >>still feeling that plunge in the mercury we're noticing national 41 degrees as is new york and boston even colder than that currently at 38 degrees because of that passing storm so we are noticing drier conditions for the northeast but the southeast still tracking a line of severe weather there from atlanta and even into north carolina, but the bulk of the severe weather now starting to make its way offshore let's take a look closer to home sierra forecast tracking dry clear conditions out there right now but we're going to notice some more snow making its way into the sierra in the coming days, winter weather advisory already in place from monday through tuesday in addition to that gusty winds throughout parts of this year, including lake tahoe could see wind gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour
10:32 pm
less and with this winter weather advisory 2 to 4 inches of fresh powder for lake tahoe along the past 6 to 10 inches of snow and that winter weather advisory is going to be upgraded into a winter storm by around wednesday to thursday when we noticed that severe storm making its way into the bay area it's going to bring nearly a foot of snow for lake tahoe and along the highest peaks of this year up to 2 feet of fresh powder, so let's take a look at your sierra forecast for the next 3 days monday, mostly sunny skies morning showers on tuesday and then drying out by wednesday but wednesday night through thursday that's when we're going to notice that severe winter weather making its way into this year up but right now for our golden gate bridge shot noticing pretty dry calm conditions out there right now stormtracker 4 not tracking any rain but we could see some light scattered showers tonight during the overnight hours just really about a 10th of an inch of rain or less most of us though are going to remain dry tonight, temperatures right now 40's and 50's and that's
10:33 pm
going to be replaced with widespread 40's but some 30's for most of our interior valleys and even for those of you in the north bay you're microclimate monday forecast slightly cooler temperatures downtown san francisco 54 degrees mid 50's for those of you at half moon bay and wind speeds light to breezy around 20 miles per hour, less overall a dry day san bruno 54 degrees as a sam a tale but 49 degrees for those of you in palo alto a little bit cooler there tomorrow. san jose 57 degrees. but milpitas in the mid-fifties and in the east bay livermore and hey we're both in the mid-fifties and most of the east bay shoreline widespread mid 50's there, but upper 50's for those of you in concord and in the north bay tracking for your nap, but daytime highs 54 degrees as is sonoma and also santa rosa in the upper 50's for your monday afternoon, let's take a look at the extended forecast storm number 2 that will arrive by the middle of the week with a
10:34 pm
stronger storm system wednesday through thursday and then drying out for your martin luther king junior weekend fortunately on monday and we have a lot of parades planned that day and it's looking good all right, i wouldn't be surprised if either you or i. >>and that rain storm on wednesday night i go you possibility hopefully it's like to know that when words like hits you in the with the over a yes, 1 of those situations help it stay still got the rain gear. the so we were good. thank you so much. >>there was a case to bring some well california is now sending help to puerto rico after the island suffered another big blow for mother nature. >>in a matter of days a 5.9 magnitude quake hit on saturday in this quake damaged buildings knocked out power for thousands of people. it was the latest aftershock after a 6.4 quake hit puerto rico on tuesday that killed at least one man destroyed homes cars landslide slides and left most of the island without power. earlier today on kron
10:35 pm
on we spoke with a reporter on the southern part of the island about the impacts. >>so far we have about 3200 refugees in this area. and he did estimated damage is structurally speaking. well take out at least 70 homes destroyed and almost 400 severely damaged in the end about 242 at risk of collapse, not only here in washington to consider that there are at least 5 other municipalities with severe damages as well and countless refugees which numbered by the way only increases overnight. >>31 disaster specialists from california will help in the recovery process in puerto rico the personal includes experts in incident and emergency management engineering and safety assessment, planning debris management and crisis counseling they are expected to be there for 16 days. you can hear the entire interview
10:36 pm
on our kron on app which is our live local streaming news service that is commercial free 24 7. >>in the philippines, the tall volcano erupted this afternoon. filling the skies with smoke and ash and forcing 3 towns to evacuate. all flights to manila international airport have been suspended for safety reasons one person caught in the chaos. taking and posting this video she the bolt of lightning right there lightning up the cash covered sky. lighting up the covers kind the volcano did not stop this wedding from happening you can see the bride and groom at the altar was smoke in the background. officials are now reporting an increase in the amount of volcanic activity coming up here on kron 4 news at 10 in el dorado county man says his dog was stolen out of his backyard in the middle of the day and he has video to prove it. >>plus how california lawmakers are pushing to protect yo
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 california was the first state to pass a law allowing anyone to request whatever data companies have collected on them to be disclosed or even deleted. now lawmakers are working on measures to go even further limiting when and how big tech companies in silicon valley collect this data. washington correspondent joe khaleel explains. how this
10:40 pm
could disrupt the industry. >>in california and in washington lawmakers are working to limit when and how companies collect your personal data many people they just signed their user service agreements they don't realize what's been happening with their data congressman ro connor represents silicon valley, he's been pushing more usual privacy and companies like apple and facebook they understand and they want a strong privacy framework, the right to have the consent before collecting data on the right to know what's happening with your day that the new california state law allows users to request to see the data that companies collect on you and demand that they deleted and a mepsure here in congress goes even further it's about the ability of 3rd parties really to manipulate people need to limit the kind of information that can be collected lost friends online privacy act puts limits on what data companies collect allows users to opt out and create an entirely new agency
10:41 pm
to enforce those rules will figure out a way to make money given whatever the rules are. we need to make sure that the security of individuals are protected we're seeing a fracturing of the internet call say both vice president of net choice as stricter rules on data collection could hurt online businesses and consumers there are going to be a lot of unintended consequences people are going to see an increase prices are fewer offerings however he says congress should act to make privacy laws, consistent nationwide up in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>anti-vaccine protester from santa cruz county has been charged with 2 felonies over allegedly throwing a cup of menstrual blood at state senators last year and she will be in court tomorrow. the incident happened in september and senators had just finished a vote and mandatory childhood vaccinations when then 43 year-old rebecca allegedly tossed the blood on to the floor of the senate from the public gallery, saying quote
10:42 pm
this is for the dead babies. the sacramento county district attorney's office has charged her with vandalism and assault on a public official. >>so head on kron 4 news attend dozens of horses were rescued from a property in the central valley. the efforts now under way to find them. a new hall and in sports. we now know who the 40 niners will be playing in the nfc championship game next weekend jason dumas has the highlights look, this isn't my first rodeo... and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news attend the el dorado county sheriff's department are now looking for a man they say walked up to a home and stole a family's dog, the pet husky named kenai was taken saturday afternoon from the home's backyard. a suspect was caught on camera seen wearing dark clothing and driving a dark colored suv the dog's owner says the suspect was seen on their home security camera multiple times for the incident. >>i have no idea how long he's been here every single day watching us watching my family watching like you could be here like when i came light yesterday he my parents were home in like they can't hear him and like he just slipped right through and lose my dog outside and take some away. >>you know as an emotional support dog family is offering a reward for his return just in the central valley more than a dozen horses are now looking for a safe place to call home the animals were
10:46 pm
rescued from one owner and christy grosz has the story. >>this is towne toe. he's a 17 year-old horse and one of dozens rescued from a calaveras county property in august of great progress, the manager of calaveras county animal services evan jacob says they seized a total of 37 forces from a single owner is pretty shocking to see especially the 4 that we've we picked up right away. i mean they were skin and bones, the horses were brought to the county fairgrounds where they've been cared for by staff and that most of the horses already adopted our son to rescue sanctuaries only these 8 remain there. >>and tame 10 and on bro animal services is asking anyone with experience dealing with an team courses to please apply for adoption by january 31th without that experience it can be pretty dangerous. >>and we want to set the course up for success as well as a person for the remaining forces are still underweight and not totally socialize jacob tells fox 40 he's part
10:47 pm
of the recovery they've made over the last few is pretty sad to see it after rescuing them from dire conditions, he h we're very happy that we were able to hold these horses in the nurse, them back the health and then a fighting chance to live out the rest. that was christy grosz reporting no charges have been filed against the owner of the horse at this time. >>animal services is still investigating they're also working to find a home for all the remaining horses. >>time force. >>well it's only been a day, but it felt like a weekends we've waited to find out who the 40 niners will be playing next week in the nfc championship game. and we know now let's go to the tape a story lambeau field it was a balmy 22 degrees at kickoff and the packers. they got off to a great start. aaron rodgers finds the east palo alto native somebody adams after 20 are pitching catch.
10:48 pm
>>for 7 packers up 21 to 3 at the half it's now 21 to 10 rogers go back his favorite target again it's adam the pride enjoy a powell out co high school. the make moves in he has all the way in 28 to 10. we just know russell levin he ain't going out like an osaka he comes right back and he's going to hit tyler lockett for the score that will close it the 28 the 23. but aaron rodgers with magical on the final drive of the game too 30 long conversion this one of the game winner to jimmy graham. and that close to the estate they will in first down it was reviewed pete carroll. obviously not happy with the ruling and the packers they are coming back to the bay and the hot season for 28 to the afc texas that ravens the reigning mvp patrick mahomes looking to get back to a second straight afc championship game into shawn
10:49 pm
watson looking to shock the world just like ryan tannehill day yesterday early on it was looking like he was going to do just that watson finds kenny stills for 54 yards out the texans jumped out to a 24 nothing lead the chiefs. they came back home 5 traffic healthy for the 3rd straight touchdown of the quarter, it's now 2421 all of sun and guess what. >>the homes to kelsey. one more time 28 to 24 4 touchdown of the quarter. and williams 60 feet in flow down in the 3rd they drive right down the field and score again damien williams on the kerry 6 for florida now that i'm a home 5 slate belt for the 8 yard touchdown their 7th straight time in the end believably kansas city winds going away 51 to 31. the biggest comeback in franchise history. they host tennessee in nc championship game this coming sunday. >>how about some hoops it's been a rough go around for the
10:50 pm
warriors this year right now they're battling the atlanta hawks for the worst record in the league golden state has 8 wins. the hawks have 7 but the dubs also haven't won since december 27th they look to end a 7 game skid tonight in memphis. d'angelo russell returning from injury for the first time since late december 32nd quarter greatly, us is 4342 and speaking of russia will clean really drains a 3 right here. >>we have 34.4 he returned us the 4th quarter gridley's up 15 scaring jackson junior deep 3 here at 21. >>what a performance for the wealthy the warriors for to greeley one 22. one oh 2 your final warriors have lost 8 straight games. now to the holly great we had a big game. the fifth-ranked stanford cardinal others on the council and there's something 2nd quarter stanford of 6 friday lynn brown showing her reign she hit the jumper she let out a 14 point. >>and the bears and within 4 3rd quarter stanford up by 12
10:51 pm
kiana williams from beyond the arc us. 21 points for williams stanford defeat cow 79 to 65 your final they won 5 straight game, 7 and they're undefeated in conference play sky. the story of the day. >>was that football game, the packers are coming back looking to avenge that week 11 loss to the 49 ers it should be a good one. >>average tickets going for $934 tonight. it's gonna get your promising us tickets right should be covering some snacks and the work watch the beginning i think we live a set of the hit and it ships and shrimp about some cheese, the block of cheese should lead an like in the feeling of the bank you so much well next on kron 4 news at 10 how one tortoise in the galapagos islands. >>was able to save his
10:52 pm
we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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10:54 pm
>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10. well there's a tortoise in the galapagos islands who played a big role in making sure his sub species doesn't go extinct and his name is diego and he's at least 100 years old so researchers are saying that is unstoppable libido is a major reason for the survival of his fellow giant tortoise is on the
10:55 pm
island. >>he was shipped there from the san diego zoo as part of a breeding program in the 1960's. they were just 2 males and 12 of the females of his species alive on the island. so diego and 14 other male tortoise is help boost the population to more than 2000. but officials in the islands there believe the diego is the dad to about 40% of the population it with his mission accomplished diego is retiring as a stud and is being returned. >>to the wild a 100 years and still going strong. just a little way toward it. i know we've got a lot of kids to take care you now. busy toward a single or i'm not sure where we think the cars had weather going on i know there's a my concern that this we had a turtle needs a nap. >>yeah. >>happy retirement to the playboy tortoise diego. >>let's take a look at your weather right now storm
10:56 pm
tracker for dragging dry conditions could see some very light scattered overnight showers this is storm number one going to bring about a 10th of an inch of rain or less the weakest of the next 3 storms making its way into the bay area dry for most of us on monday, but then more rain returns monday night first in the north bay becoming more widespread for the rest of the bay area during the overnight hours vary too early tuesday morning could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then we're going to be dry for most of wednesday and storm number 3 this is the one we really need to keep an eye on light to moderate and heavy downpours and that area shaded in pink that means snow levels that the north bay mountains could actually reach fairly low with this storm because it does a very cold core and diablo range as well tracking some pretty decent snow totals with this and snow levels dropping significantly. thursday as well light to moderate downpours could see about an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area and wind speeds 15 miles per hour or less expect wind advisories and then we're going to dry
10:57 pm
out on friday with some light scattered showers by next saturday but from now until then. >>very dry seasonal weather mid to upper 50's but a lot of changes that storm door wide open and our midwinter storm. it's going to pack a punch wednesday to thursday, so plan ahead for that one good to know now we can start to get ready. haven't used them. >>rain gear and a little while i know most of us just using a hoodie cousins had a very light scattered showers but definitely get an umbrella on how use the rain gear last week to a brawl some one of the stories out there so it's still ready >>thank you so much for joining us tonight have a (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life.
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